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We have 20+ years of experience in China. LLL's knowledge of the local environment and qualified advice ensures that all of our Clients realize their projects. Everytime.

Project - Wirtgen

New Greenfields (2011) – concept design of new 30,000sqm production facility, 55,000sqm laydown/storage yards on 200,000sqm of land.

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Project - Polyfelt Pty Ltd (2004)

Site research of 4 Industrial Zones including the ability to source local labour force, costs of utilities, favourable terms and conditions, available services and logistics for material supply and product delivery. 


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Project Based Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement/Sourcing of Design Professionals, Contractors, and Suppliers of General and Specific Equipment

At this stage, the concept design and general briefs on mechanical, electrical, structural and HVAC should be complete and therefore a local Chinese design institute can be sourced and design work commenced. Design work to include preliminary and Detailed Design.

Sourcing of Qualified Design Institute

  • An evaluation of known design institutes with qualifications to work in the designated location (site location) will be carried out with specific emphasis on establishing the ability of the key trade designers in the various institutes
  • From the pre-qualification, a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) will be issued to the qualified designers
  • Upon receipt of the proposals from the designers, a review and comparison will be drawn up with recommendations on who would be the best partner for the Client
  • Design contract and fees to be reviewed
  • Negotiation on contract terms and fees to be done in conjunction with Clients legal counsel, once in agreement, contract to be signed to allow the design to commence.

Sourcing of Qualified Contractors

  • An evaluation of known international and local construction companies with the suitable construction licenses to carry out the works will be carried out. Said pre-qualification to be reviewed by the Client and a decision on the number of companies requested to submit a tender will be made.
  • Pre-qualified and approved bidders will then be given a “Tender bid package”
    • Tender bid package to include the following:
    • Tender Outline
    • Instruction to the Bidders
    • Sample Contract
    • General Conditions
    • Building Specifications
    • Clean bill of quantities with rates and qty’s clear – (supplied by DI and reviewed by LLL and Client) - bidder to submit qty’s and rates based on dwg’s submitted
    • Tender drawing package - electronic
    • Clients preferred supplier list for equipment and materials
    • Project Schedule.

Sourcing of Specialist and General Equipment Suppliers

  • LLL works together with the Client through the concept design phase and the detailed design phase to identify and specify any special and or general equipment the Client needs to purchase that could be outside the scope of the General Contractor.
  • Equipment sourcing to cover but may not be limited to the following:
    • Forklifts
    • Welding machines
    • Grinding machines
    • Specialist exhaust Systems
    • Bridge cranes
    • Jib cranes
    • Lifting devices
    • Building Management Systems (BMS)
    • Kitchen design and equipment
    • Furniture for offices, staff amenities, and factory offices
    • Demountable factory offices
    • Diesel pumping Systems and filling stations
    • Air compressors
    • Painting systems
    • IT Servers and backup systems.

NOTE – Client preference and nomination of suppliers will be rigorously pursued. If the preferred equipment cannot be sourced locally in China an imported component may be considered as an option.

  • Once specific equipment details are known sourcing will commence. This process will continue throughout the project as additional items are identified and or revised
  • Supplier qualification and pricing will be supplied based on the equipment specified and or nominated by the Client
  • Contract negotiation with Client input will be undertaken and contracts locked in place
  • The supply and delivery periods for all equipment needs to be closely monitored to ensure a seamless transition from the supply through to the installation within the facility
  • Contract payments and cost control to be monitored through ongoing equipment supply process.